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  • Tea-Smoked Snapper
    Smoked fish — an age-old preservation that uses the smoke of an indirect fire to lightly cook, flavor, and preserve the meat. This method lets you smoke fish without any specialized, pricey equipment Ingredients 1...
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  • Mango Bread Pudding
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  • Aval with Fresh Grated Coconut
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  • Naadan Pork Vattichathu / Kerala-Style Pork Curry
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Nalekattu is where you’ll find me cooking up a storm: dishes inspired by favorite restaurants, takeout, or just whatever is in the fridge.

I love all food, so it’d be hard for me to choose a favorite, but I have a soft spot for a good Pho.

In 2002, I took over South Indian Café (SIC), a Atlanta based Indian restaurant. SIC turned into a “winner of best Indian cuisine in Atlanta”. SIC was the only restaurant dedicated to serving authentic Kerala cuisines. In 2006 I closed SIC to focus on other opportunities.

Thanks for dropping by, please enjoy!

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